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A unique approach to Massage Therapy, & Internal Family Systems counseling

A unique approach to Massage Therapy, & Internal Family Systems counseling

A unique approach to Massage Therapy, & Internal Family Systems counselingA unique approach to Massage Therapy, & Internal Family Systems counselingA unique approach to Massage Therapy, & Internal Family Systems counseling

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SoTé Therapies

Mark Saltzman LMP, IFSP


Mark is a trained, licensed, and nationally board certified massage practitioner. He graduated from the prestigious Bellevue Institute of Massage Therapy in Seattle WA, and also holds State of Michigan certification as a physical therapy aide.

Throughout his training he gained experience in a wide array of therapeutic massage modalities, including developing an in-depth understanding of human anatomy, physiology & kinesiology.

His sessions are a blend of Myo-fascial Release, Deep tissue therapy, Cranial-sacral energy work, Thai stretching, Manual Ligament Therapy, all aimed at reducing pain ,while allowing your nervous system the chance to unwind and unlock its unconscious holding patterns.

Mark incorporates a healing presence with his therapeutic technique to help facilitate healing for specific injuries, as well as for overall well-being.

Professional massage treatment is a natural talent for him but also a skill he hones with on going classes, workshops and service exchanges with other professional body workers.

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email mark@sotemassage.com, or use the book an appointment page.

Internal Family Systems Counseling


You've heard the phrase "We are the sum of our parts."  All have many parts that make up who we are. That’s where our constant thinking, mind chatter, and our emotions come from.  Internal family systems (IFS) counseling explores these parts to greatly understand why parts help, and hinder our daily life. 

Ever say "I hate this part of me?" Ever have an argument going round, and round in your head about something upsetting?  Ever hear critical voices inside say "you’re stupid, fat, or not good enough?"  

We all have angry, depressed, critical, and anxious parts that started off as ways to cope with life’s challenges, & life’s trauma. Rather than trying to banish them, IFS helps us welcome our parts, understand them, and help them release the pain they carry from our pasts.

IFS practitioners guide you to bring your curious compassionate SELF to focus on any distressed part you choose. By doing this we slow things down in our busy minds, and we help each part feel heard, and valued.  

Amazingly, they calm down, and are open to negotiation, or transformation. 

In IFS Therapy we do not guess, interpret, or diagnose why you feel or act a certain way.  Instead, we help you focus on a part, ask questions, and we find out everything you need to know. IFS helps you face your most difficult problems, your worst fears, and heal your deepest wounds.

Psychologist Richard C. Schwartz in Chicago developed the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy in the late 1980’s.  

Dick Schwartz says:  “IFS is more than a therapeutic technique.  It is a conceptual framework and practice for developing love for ourselves, and for each other.” 


Sole Supports Orthotics


Sole Supports are custom fit orthotics that are created from a mold  of your feet.  This allows the orthotic to maintain constant contact with the soles of your feet. This contact will provide full support to your arch, giving you the corrected posture that you need.

Before we can make a truly custom device, we have to cast your feet in a very specific way in order to capture the corrected position we want the orthotic to impose on your foot. 

If you just stepped in a box of foam, we would capture all that is wrong about your feet: the fallen arch, the splayed forefoot, etc.

 That is why our providers are carefully trained in our casting technique, and why we only accept orders from providers trained in our techniques.

Custom orthotics can be extremely expensive. Sole Supports are a high quality, affordable product that will last you for years.

Mark is proud to be a trained, and certified provider of Sole Supports Orthotics.


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