Mark is a US trained, licensed and (US) nationally board certified massage practitioner. He graduated from the prestigious Bellevue Institute of Massage Therapy in Seattle WA, and also holds State of Michigan certification as a physical therapy aide.

Throughout his training he gained experience in a wide array of therapeutic massage modalities, including developing an in-depth understanding of human anatomy and physiology.

His sessions are a blend of Myo-fascial Release, Deep tissue therapy, Cranial-sacral energy work, Thai stretching and the relatively new technique of Manual Ligament Therapy, all aimed at reducing pain while allowing your nervous system the chance to unwind and unlock its unconscious holding patterns.

Mark’s hands have an innate ability to identify the specific places the body wishes to release, and he is able to get deep work done with an intuitive touch. He incorporates a healing presence with his therapeutic technique to help facilitate healing for specific injuries, as well as for overall well-being.

Professional massage treatment is a natural talent for him but also a skill he hones with on going classes, workshops and service exchanges with other professional body workers.

To reach Mark, email him directly at mark@sotemassage.com, call or text 616-915-3174 or use the Contact Form below…

Sote Mark